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Frequently Asked Questions:

1.  How do I get to the DEA website?
DEA's website is Deadiversion.usdoj.gov.  You may simply click on the link tab to the left.
2.  How long does it take to get a DEA registration?
Assuming you apply for the state license at the same time, if necessary, it could take anywhere from 45 days to over 6 months, since you may have to implement IT programs to track controlled substance activity, as well as install vault(s) and security systems, etc., before DEA will approve your application.  (I.e. Meeting the requirements for an analytical lab registration is much easier than for a manufacturer).
3.  What are the fees for a DEA registration?

Registrant Class

New Annual Fee

Manufacturers (Controlled Substances)


Manufacturers (Chemical)


Distributors, Importers/Exporters, Reverse Distributors (Controlled Substances)


Distributors, Importers/Exporters (Chemical)


Retail Distributors (Chemical)



(per 3 yr period)

Researchers, Narcotic Treatment Programs, Analytical Labs


*Pharmacies, hospitals/clinics, practitioners, teaching    institutions, and mid-level practitioners register for a three-  year period.
4.  What is ARCOS and do I need to be involved with it?
ARCOS (Automated Reports and Consolidated Order System) is a DEA requirement for all manufacturers handling Schedules 2 (all), 3(narcotic) and 4 psychotropic, as well as for all distributors handling Schedules 2(all) and 3(narcotic).  ARCOS requires the submission of monthly or quarterly reports that detail each and every transaction required to be reported per the ARCOS Registrant Handbook, visible on the DEA website (see link on tab above)
5.  What Code of Federal Regulations do I need to comply with to meet        DEA expectations?
21 CFR 1300 to end
6.  What United States Code (Law) do I also need to comply with  
      to meet DEA expectations?
21 USC 801 to 971
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